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ProWine & ProSpirits Challenge

A standout feature of the 2023 edition was the ProWine Spirits Challenge, which captivated our audience's attention. Through blind tastings and meticulous scoring, a diverse array of spirits, including Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, and Liqueur, underwent scrutiny, offering participating brands invaluable insights into consumer preferences. This deeper understanding stands to align brands' offerings with what consumers truly desire.

In this year’s edition, we have raised the bar. The ProSpirits Challenge is now the ProWine & ProSpirits Challenge, allowing a fair platform for both wine and spirit brands to compete through a Blind Tasting that will be judged by India's leading experts and discerning consumers as well, providing the only platform of its kind where the preferences of all are included.

The aim of this competition is to judge wine and spirits based on their quality alone, revealing an independent list of the finest wines and spirits available in India.

Winners and partners of the competition will be featured at the ProWine Mumbai exhibition and the prestigious ProWine Mumbai Night - a grand networking event for the wine and spirits trade, key hospitality representatives including the city's top wine and spirits enthusiasts.

Calling all wine and spirit brands to participate and register to gain fascinating consumer insights and steer your brand in the right direction.